When you Should Call an Emergency Electrician?

There are times when an electrical issue can wait for a few days or after the weekend but at times they need to be handled immediately.  That is when you need to contact an emergency electrician in Sydney to take care of the problem.  Yes, they are more expensive but generally, these issues cannot wait.  If you wait, they could cause damage to your home or even a fire.  According to reports, electrical faults were the third leading cause of house fires. Below are some reasons that you should contact an emergency Emergency Commercial Electrician onalaska wi.

Below are some reasons that you should contact an emergency electrician.

  • Continually tripping breakers—the first line of defense when it comes to major power issues are the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker can go off if there is a power surge but if it is constant, look to see what the circuit is.  A common reason for a constant tripping breaker is it is overloaded so to solve this issue, just unplug some appliances.  If this does not help, then you may need to call an electrician
  • Hot or warm power outlets—this can be a sign that is easy to ignore, especially on appliances that are always plugged in. If you are plugging in a new appliance to an outlet and you notice that it feels warm or hot, this is a red flag.  This is generally a major precursor to a fire.  This can happen to high demand for wiring or circuit problems. Because this is a silent warning, you should check all your sockets occasionally to make sure that they do not feet warm or hot.
  • Lights that flicker—this is an easy issue to spot but also one that is easy to ignore. If it happens regularly or when you plug in a certain light or appliance, you should call an emergency electrician in SydneyThis problem can occur if there is faulty wiring, overload on a circuit, or other things.
  • Plugging in appliances causes a spark—you can be shocked if you plug in an appliance that sparks. Generally, this is no cause for alarm because when conductors in a circuit are close and touch you could see light blue sparks jump from one conductor to the other.  You need to worry if you start to see big sparks that last longer than a second or two.  You also have to be worried if the sparks are yellow or white.  This could be due to improper installation or overload on the circuits.
  • Smoke or burning smells—if you notice smoke or burning smell, you should immediately call the fire department and turn off the main breaker if you can. Once the fire department has checked to make sure that are no fires, call an emergency electrician.  They will check to see what the underlying cause is and if any wires have been melted.


There are just some of the electrical problems that should be taken care of immediately.  If you are not sure if it can wait, don’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician to be sure everything is okay.

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