Types of different Rugs

Rugs are a magical piece of fabric that provides your eyes lovely pleasure and comfort to your feet. Rugs are different from carpets, yet they provide all the benefits along with many other benefits. Like they are much cheaper than mats and available in a lot more varieties than carpet. Carpets and rugs both are used as floor decoration with benefits. Carpets are heavy and take time to install. On the other hand, rugs are light in weight, and you can install them anywhere you want at any time. Both are durable, yet many rugs tend to be more durable than diff types of carpets.

Carpets are only floor decorating items, but few rugs can be installed on walls for decoration purposes as well. Not only this, rugs tend to be more environment- friendly products and provide you with pure air. Rugs are anti-allergy items, so people with allergies tend to buy rugs more than carpets. A rug might brighten up your dull and boring room with its unique colors and patterns. Handmade rugs provide you more of a traditional look, whereas; synthetic mats might ensure a modern look. Like carpets, they can also be installed outdoors due to their productivity and beauty.

Few types of Rugs are mentioned below that might help you to choose the best rug for your home. Rugs are divided into two categories than much more subcategories. The basic categories are

  1. Synthetic Rugs

These types of rugs are made of synthetic material or in other words, with a combination of different plastic materials like polypropylene and polyester rugs.

  1. Natural Fiber Rugs

The rugs which are made of natural substances like wool, or sisal, or leather made rugs. Natural Fiber rugs are more popular and very rich in type’s designs, patterns and varieties.

  1. Synthetic Rugs:
  • Polyester Rugs: These are made of polyester or with a blend of other fibers. The combination creates a plush feel and sometimes mimics the wool feel.
  • Polypropylene Rugs: They are made of polypropylene and a combination of other materials. These rugs are thin than different synthetic types. These rugs are easy to clean and inexpensive type of rugs.
  • Faux Hide Rugs: If you can’t afford an animal skin rug, then this might be your choice. These are a combination of acrylic and synthetic blends, also known as power-woven rugs.
  1. Natural Fiber Rugs:

Natural fibers are rich type of rugs that may include hundreds of varieties like:

  • Silk Rug: It is made of silk and its components. This type of rug is shiny and soft yet expensive due to its material. Moreover, it is not a right choice for massive foot traffic place.
  • Leather and animal skin rugs: The rugs made of animal hides are quite popular among a specific class of people. Sheepskin hides are easy to clean. These sorts of carpets give the impact of power to other people. The only drawback of these rugs is that they might crumble up from sides, but that can be sorted out with the help of iron.
  • Sisal Rugs: Sisal rugs are made of sisal, which is 100% natural material that is durable and strong fiber.
  • Handmade Rugs: These rugs are rich in types and patterns, like;

Wool Rugs: these are made of wool; this is a hand-tufted type of rug. Due to durable fibers, these types of rugs are best for dense traffic areas.

Kilims Rugs: Kilims Rugs are hand-knotted vintage type of rugs that are found in different colors and patterns. Kilims rugs enhance the beauty of the room. It is an excellent choice for those rooms which are simple and dull. Kilims rugs provide a traditional touch with trendy looks. These rugs can be installed on walls for decoration purposes. Kilims rugs are also available at cheaper prices.

Patchwork Rugs: These are also a traditional type of rugs and quite popular throughout the world, especially in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Different patches of fabrics are attached to give different styles and patterns, which are beautiful, unique, and diverse. The budget-friendly price and variety in designs and color make it popular among all.

No matter which rug you opt for, all will provide you with benefits and beauty at a low price.

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