Three Tips to Ensure Bathroom Renovation Success

Renovating the bathroom can increase the value of your home. This project is easier to undertake than a kitchen renovation. If you have decided to improve your bathroom, you need to create a balance between your aesthetic and creative desires and functional needs. The bathroom must reflect your personal style as well as deliver your desired comfort and function. By working with Armoires En Gros renovation professionals and planning the renovation carefully, you can make your dream bathroom a reality. Here are tips to help ensure the success of your bathroom renovation project:

Set a Realistic Budget

When you create a renovation budget, you must consider some things including how long you plan to stay in your house. If you see yourself living there just for a few years, then you might need to just focus on the cosmetic side of remodelling. But if you are planning to live in the house for at least ten years, you can invest more to get a better return on your investment. 

In addition, you should also think about what is important and a luxury. For instance, if you want to install a heated towel rack but you cannot afford it, you don’t have to push for it. You might have to turn the tub into a walk-in shower if mobility might be a problem in the future. Never look at the price of a bathroom upgrade simply because it’s an investment in your house. And when you create a budget, ensure you set aside at least 20% contingency for any unexpected expenses.

Stick with the Classics

Although you may want the latest trend to be realised in your bathroom, it is best to go for classic and use trendy as an accessory. Thus, you should choose classic vanities like a white shaker style design. Also, you can pick classic tiles for your tub, floor, and shower like a subway tile. Choose a trendy paint colour or countertop. You can easily change these things for a little cost should the trend change.

Invest in Good Lighting

Consider adding a light in the tub or shower and a solid light at the vanity. Make sure you do not have shadows while you fuss with your makeup or hair at the vanity. Get some LED pot lights and decorative but functional lighting. For instance, you can have 2-3 LED pot lights in the main bathroom space, depending on how big it is. Also, a waterproof LED pot light works in the shower while sconce lights are perfect on a side of the vanity mirror. 

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