The Wooden Shutters You Can Choose Now

The history of the emergence of shutters goes back centuries. Like classic windows, they were found among many peoples of the world and were intended to protect the home from sunlight, heat, wind, or other weather features. Then they were used as a reliable means of protection from robbers. The design of these wooden decorative elements could be very different, but the shape was almost always standard – two opening doors.

The shutters covering the windows were made from various materials at hand, but more often, they were wooden. This part of the window opening in the old days served as a means of protection and an indicator of the owner’s status. The expensive types of wood used, decorated with metal decor or drawings, spoke of a high position in society and the degree of security of the owners of such Shuttering (ไม้ แบบ, which is a term in Thai).

Functional Purpose

Shutters for a country house have ceased to perform a protective function, turning into a full-fledged decorative element. When choosing a design for decorating window frames, they decide to advance the designated tasks that she has to perform to not get out of the general structure of the site.

Protective Function

Metal or wooden Shuttering reduce the chances of entry into the house. For burglary protection, they are equipped with safety locks from the inside or outside. The actions of thieves will attract the attention of neighbors by preventing burglaries. Structures with locks become barriers in front of the window opening; it is more challenging to get into the building. Models made of wood or metal with constipation will appeal to summer residents who leave a country house unattended for several days.

Saving Energy Inside The House

Heat is lost through the cracks of doors and window frames. Even the installation of multi-chamber double-glazed windows does not eliminate drafts. Reducing thermal energy leakage will help the sealed installation of the sashes with a snug fit to the window openings. The guarantee of heat preservation will be the fastening of a natural wood model with a minimum of through-thread mounted according to the rules.

Sun Protection

With the help of Shuttering, blinds control the level of illumination and shading. It is recommended to completely close the windows in hot weather to reduce sunlight into the rooms. This option will appeal to owners of houses built on the south side without tall trees.


The shutters echo the furnishings and the garden plot near the country house. Plain wooden models are painted with vibrant colors to create a rustic or country style. To display the type of an old manor house with carved shutters, it is recommended to order them from wood craftsmen who will age the wooden details. The metal shutters with forged decorative inclusions depicting flowers, leaves or animals, look attractive. It is enough for the owner to paint the sashes with paints, cutting out floral ornaments on a wooden canvas with a jigsaw. Metal structures look massive but leave less room for imagination.

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