The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

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Business owners have always been responsible for keeping their premises clean and tidy. These days, it’s more important than ever to provide both employees and customers or clients with a clean, hygienic environment, and that requires more than just asking a worker to wipe down counters or sweep the floor at the end of the night. It requires the help of a commercial cleaning washington dc company.

Meet Changing Expectations

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners have had to adapt to ever-changing industry regulations and expectations. It’s not just that customers and employees have, quite rightfully, higher standards for personal hygiene than they did before the novel coronavirus reared its ugly head. The government has also implemented additional health and safety regulations, and it’s up to business owners to ensure that their workplaces meet them.

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Some business owners mistakenly think that they can cut corners by hiring a residential cleaning company instead of commercial cleaners, but that’s a mistake. Residential cleaning services rarely have access to the same heavy-duty industrial cleaning equipment available to serious commercial cleaners, which makes it impossible for even the most skilled and experienced professionals to work efficiently. Commercial cleaners have access to not just basic supplies but also all of the equipment required to work efficiently and clean even large spaces such as restaurants, stores, and warehouses.

Commercial Cleaning Methods

There are a variety of methods used by commercial cleaners that wouldn’t be appropriate for cleaning a home. These experts usually have access to all kinds of equipment designed specifically for cleaning and disinfecting large spaces. If the building is large, expect the cleaning staff to arrive with floor buffers or commercial carpet cleaners that will make it easier to work efficiently.

Some commercial cleaners specialize in working with just one type of client, while others work with a diverse array of businesses, schools, or even municipal facilities. It’s always best to ask about specialized experience. The housekeeping tasks required for keeping hotel rooms looking their best are quite different from those required to sanitize a commercial kitchen, for example.

How to Find the Right Cleaning Company

There are some important differences even among professional commercial cleaners, and not all of them are as innocuous as one might think. Business owners need to do some homework if they want to find the right cleaning company, and that requires checking to make sure it meets all of the essential criteria described below. A good commercial cleaner should:

  • Perform regular cleaning audits
  • Ensure that employees are fully trained in using all of the equipment
  • Perform background checks on all new hires
  • Provide transparent pricing and excellent customer service
  • Have a positive reputation among other local business owners
  • Be able to provide daily or weekly cleaning depending on a client’s unique needs

When deciding who to hire, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any reputable commercial cleaner will be happy to answer them and to provide references upon request. Following up on references is a great way to get a clear idea of what to expect when working with a new company.

Start the Search Today

Need to hire a commercial cleaner? Don’t trust just anyone. Take the time to investigate options and choose a company that has not just experience but also a reputation for excellence.

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