Reasons to Consider Getting an Artificial Lawn in 2022

An artificial lawn, also known as synthetic turf, is a green surface made of manmade fibres that look like natural grass. The term “artificial lawn” is used to describe a cover made from synthetic fibres that resemble the appearance of natural grass. Initially, this type of surface was only for sporting arenas. However, this type of turf is now used in commercial and residential applications, including lawns.

A synthetic lawn can be a great addition to a homeowner’s yard, but the installation process is not always straightforward. To have a perfect artificial grass property, a homeowner needs to hire a professional company to install it properly.

When choosing an enterprise to do the work, several things to keep in mind. It would be best to look for an experienced and qualified team. In general, an artificial grass installation should cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per square foot, but some companies will charge much more than that.

The construction of an artificial lawn varies, but the blades are made from polyester or nylon. Polyethylene is a popular plastic that is melted and mixed with chemicals to form synthetic turf. Nylon is a thin sheet extruded through a mould to produce high-quality artificial grass blades. An artificial grass installation will often have a layer of polypropylene thatch for added support and cushioning. This layer stabilises the turf, making it much easier to maintain.

The blades of the artificial lawn are made from polyethylene and nylon, which are both popular plastics. Polyethylene is used because it is cheap and readily available in solid form and is easy to mould. Nylon is made from thin sheets extruded through decay to create a strand-like fibre. These synthetic grass blades are incredibly durable and can last for years. The grass blades also come with a layer of polypropylene thatch, which gives the artificial lawn extra cushioning and support.

This type of lawn can add a great deal of beauty and value to one’s home. It is an eco-friendly option, looks great all year round, it will not fade or look sad once neglected from watering it, and it is environmentally friendly.

But, wait! There’s more!

Read the infographic below created and designed by the prevalent company known for their artificial grass installation services, Easy Turf, as they highlight all the reasons you should consider getting an artificial grass this 2022:


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