Lawn mowing tips and tricks for novices

Lawn mowing tips and tricks for novices

Lawn mowing is a very tiresome task of lawn care and maintenance. However, it needs to be performed, but there are a few benefits of mowing the lawn. If you are a novice to lawn mowing or just want to learn the lawn mower basics, have a look at these tips and tricks for lawn care.

  1. When it is the right occasion forlawn mowing Alpharetta

Never mow a wet lawn. It could lead to disease on the lawn and the danger of accidents. Thus, the time right after a rainstorm or the early morning while the grass is covered with dew will not be the right occasion to mow. It would be good to mow the lawn during the late afternoon or early evening. Try not to cut or trim the grass too late in the day after darkness rises because lower visibility increases the possibility of a mowing accident. See what is the proper technique for mowing your lawn.

  1. Select a lawn mower for beginners

You can decide on any of these three major types of lawn mowers

  • Cordless electric mowers

Cordless electric mower is a very common lawnmower type. As it is cordless, it allows the user to move freely. The task of lawn mowing could be quite tough with corded electric mowers for novices. Also, there is the danger of accidentally running over the cord with a lawn mower. The highly advanced cordless mowers are safer and more comfortable to use. These lawn mowers run on batteries. They are pretty different from reel mowers; however, they are still less noisy as compared to gas-powered mowers.

  • Reel mowers

Reel mowers are also called push mowers as they do not have a power source other than the power of the user. It makes reel mowers eco-friendly and less noisy. Moreover, the advanced versions come with lighter materials making them easier to push than the old versions. But, there are restrictions to these mowers. They do not work well on tall grass, and instead of chopping up twigs as other lawn mowers do, twigs could get trapped in the blades. You have to rake your lawn before mowing if there are any sticks or twigs in it. Make sure the blades are sharpened often for this mower to be useful.

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