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At TriCity Appliances Quality Service we take pride in our high percentage of first visit call completes. To achieve that percentage out technicians always do pre-diagnosis over the phone in order to be as prepared as possible. Gathering information from the customer helps us come to your residence prepared, most times with required parts on hand to complete the dryer repair chesterfield mo to your best satisfaction at first visit.  While technicians at TriCity Appliances Quality Service have vast experience with all sorts of appliance repairs including washer and dryer repair as well as range and stove repair amongst others, occasionally we run into problems that are more challenging and require multiple visits to complete the repair as modern appliance become more complex. Below is real case of one of our customers who had issues with their top load washing machine not spinning properly leaving the clothes soaked as well as machine not completing the cycle.

We have received a service request via on-line booking form on our website On the form the customer stated that they have a top-load washing machine made by Kenmore that does not complete the cycle and clothes come out soaking wet. Shortly after receiving the message one of our technicians called the customer to find out more information about the unit and the problem in question. During the conversation with the customer our technician found that model and serial number of the unit is that of the Whirlpool machine as Kenmore made units for virtually every manufacturer out there. Gaining that information helps us to find proper diagrams and part list for particular unit so we can be better prepared with parts that are possibly faulty and need to be replaced. At the end of the phone call the schedule was made and technician was set to visit the customer the next day. If you are also looking to book a service appointment, please visit our web site to book on-line using the booking form provided.

On the day of the appointment the technician purchased a part from local authorized parts distributor that he thought might be responsible for the problem. Upon arrival to the customer’s home first thing we do is talk to the customer in order to fully understand the extent of the problem. The conversation revealed that washer stops before going into spin cycle and therefore clothes come out soaking wet. After quick visual inspection confirming no mechanical damage, diagnostic cycle was entered using technical sheet provided with washing machine. Diagnostic cycle did not reveal any error codes. At that point technician decided to replace lid lock mechanism as this part is commonly responsible for washer not going to spin cycle. After replacing locking mechanism the problem persisted. Technician then entered diagnostic cycle one more time to perform tachometer verification test to confirm proper operation of optical sensor. Failing optical sensor will not send proper information to the main board preventing washing machine from spinning as machine can not determine the speed of the spin basket. This particular machine did fail the tachometer verification test and decision to replace shifter assembly containing optical sensor was made and confirmed with customer. Subsequent visit was scheduled for next day.

Next day technician arrived with shifter assembly in hand and went straight to work. Shifter assembly replacement is fairly straight forward process and was finished in the next 20 minutes. To finish the installation, diagnostic mode was entered once again to complete calibration.

In conclusion, while we were not able to complete the repair in one visit, at Tricity Appliances Quality Service, we will not give up until the repair is complete to your highest satisfaction. Contact us today for all of your appliance repair needs. Book online via our web site or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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