How Much Light Will Large Sash Windows Bring To My Property?

A large sash window is a beautiful thing in any property. When it comes to Victorian and Georgian-era houses, one of the defining and most cherished features is the casement window sash. They look fantastic, and for us, there is no other window type that has the perfect balance of a window that is so aesthetically pleasing and also brings in a wonderful amount of light to a property. There is something classic and elegant about sash windows and the larger the better in terms of the light that can be captured within a room.

When you have a large sash window in your home the light that comes through the window is marvellous. It dances across the floor and the walls, and for some people there is nothing better to do than just sit down and enjoy the calm atmosphere that the increased light provides the room. It looks great and can be fitted into the plan of how a home is designed and renovated, making the most of the light and the use of the space.

There are some great benefits to letting more light into your life, and if you have a dedicated space in your home where there are loads more light coming through the large sash windows, you are onto a winner. 

In terms of health benefits, it is important to understand how big a boost natural light is to your body, and how by installing sash windows at your property, you are giving yourself the best chance to improve your overall wellbeing.

We all know about seasonal affective disorder and how during the darker winter months some people turn to a SAD lamp to help them get through. With this knowledge, we know how important it is to get as much natural sunlight as possible. The more natural light we get the greater the levels of serotonin our bodies receive. The human body loves it when the weather is warmer, and we get more light in our lives. It helps to keep us alert, brings about a more positive mood, stabilises our sleep patterns and has many other benefits to us both physically and psychologically.

A space that has a lot of natural light flooding into it, which you would have in a room with large Victorian sash windows, will help you achieve this positive stability in your life. Too much artificial light can have a negative impact on us, damaging blood pressure regulation, disrupting our sleep patterns, and clouding our judgment. Increase the natural light you receive, and you’ll see a big difference in your life.

Victorian sash windows, the larger the better, bring with them a certain level of style and an enormous amount of natural light. As you can see, there are good reasons to increase the amount of natural daylight that you receive in your daily life. In terms of both your mental and physical wellbeing, greater amounts of natural light provide a big boost, and if you are in the process of renovating a property or repairing the sash windows already in place, always consider how much extra light you will get from large sash windows. This will help you make the right choice and have sash windows in your life, rather than getting rid of them or choosing a different window type. You won’t regret it.

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