How Capital Property Offers Is Changing the Attitude towards Home Buyers

Capital Property Offers was founded in Phoenix Arizona in 2018. Tommy would eventually merge with Taife as a partner to begin their journey as a single company. They formed the company to focus on simplicity and transparency. As a team, they’ve built systems to help alleviate the stressful process of selling a property. From the first call, clients are welcomed with solutions and provided with an end goal. Individuals are immediately guided throughout the detailed process from point A to point B. Their clients are confident with their road map and it’s allowed them to build lasting relationships. Whether you’re in need of professional guidance or want to sell fast… they can help!  Here are a few facts that have allowed them to stand apart from the rest of their competition.

How Are They Transparent?

Did you know that selling your house fast in Phoenix AZ has never been easier? The real estate market is on fire and people understand that slapping it on the MLS (multiple listing service) will result in a buyer frenzy. This is true in most cases. We’ve seen issues that delayed the process because of inspections, appraisals, and of course buyers. Capital Property Offers is transparent with sellers from the beginning. They provide a solution for property owners that own outdated and damaged properties. If your home or investment property is in great condition, they always offer the service of potentially listing it on the open MLS. They’ll guide you in the best direction for you to sell for maximum top dollar. Surprisingly, many property owners are shocked that they provide this option because of the reputation of investors’ lowballing. They set the tonality from the beginning by listening to your needs. 

They Work On Your Schedule

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home to Capital Property Offers, they’ll have an offer submitted to you within 24 hours or less. Working with Capital Property Offers has great incentives, but many are surprised that they’re willing to work on your schedule. Unfortunately, investors may be very pushy after the close of escrow. This creates tensions and stress on the property owners. Their goals have always been to assist their community in any possible way. If you need more time, they’ll work with you. Do you need to leave things behind? Not a problem. They’ll assure you that their contracts clearly state the property is being purchased in as-is condition. Selling your property in Phoenix Arizona fast to Capital Property Offers has never been easier!

If you have any more questions about their process and how they can help you, feel free to give them a call at (866) 883-8616. Capital Property Offers is a business that thrives on relationships. Their goal is to leave a lasting impact on each individual they have the pleasure of doing business with. Selling your property the traditional way isn’t the only option. Capital Property Offers buys houses fast in Las Vegas NV as well! Contact them today for your quick, fast, and free offer.

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