Few Tools That Are Used for Automotive Work

Pliers have lots of uses in any typical garage where people have to work on their cars. However, the needle-nose is very important when you are dealing with any small parts such as cotter pins or retaining clips.

If you do not have a complete set of needle-nose pliers, then you must immediately get a set. Their cost is not so important factor here because it will be very difficult to break any set of the cheapest variety of needle-nose pliers.

PLR14 offered by Plyworx can fit on your pegboard, within your toolbox drawer, and will stand up on top of the workbench for very quick access to the pliers. It can hold 14 plier sets of all shapes and sizes. It comes with certain special locking rivets for mounting the rack to the pegboard.

This kind of plier rack is very much needed in an automobile workshop, where a variety of pliers will be used for different works. Any suitable plier rack can keep your necessary tools organized and you will not need to search your tool every time.

The following 6 types of tools are generally required in any garage and also in most DIY auto repairs shops.

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1.    Screwdrivers

In a garage, you must have a few quality screwdrivers. You must have at least a medium-sized screwdriver of a flat head and also a Phillips screwdriver. Having multiple-sized screwdrivers can also help you to get into tight spaces, and also prevent you from stripping any delicate screw heads.

2.    Pliers

Pliers are also another versatile tool available for many different uses. There are many different types of pliers, and you can buy them in sets at a relatively affordable cost. You can get a decent set of 3 to 6 pliers at less than $20 and can include expandable combination pliers, wire cutters, and needle-nose pliers.

3.    Ratchet set

Based on your vehicle make, you must select your ratchet set that should either have a metric or SAE. Before deciding what to buy, you must do some research or discuss it with your dealer.

Ratchet sets may vary tremendously in quality. A quality ratchet set may cost almost $100, and it can last for long years.

4.    Wrenches

Although you can use wrenches on the same bolt types as ratchets, it is important that you must have both tools of the correct sizes. While sometimes as a substitute you can use any adjustable monkey wrench, but it is much more convenient to get a set of multiple-sized wrenches.

5.    Allen wrenches

While these can be the simplest and inexpensive wrenches, but they can be lifesavers in case you have to deal with certain unusual bolts. Make sure whether your vehicle is metric or SAE.

6.    Jack with stands

In case you need to work under the car, ensure that you pick up any jack with a minimum of 2 stands. Make sure you do not skimp on your jack stands, as they are used for supporting the vehicle when you are working underneath it.

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