Choosing The Right Model bookcase

Is every beginning difficult? Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to buying a bookcase. For a better orientation, first determine the size of your book collection. To do this, simply measure the length of all rows of books in meters. In the case of a shelf, the floor space in meters can be roughly calculated by multiplying the number of rows of compartments by the width of the furniture. This number is slightly larger than if you use the actual internal dimensions, but that’s not a problem: In general, it is advisable to choose the shelf significantly larger so that there is room for future new purchases. If there is enough space in the room, the new shelf can be twice as large as would be necessary for the current volume of books. It also gives you more options for arranging the books. Sufficient floor space is also important for a bookshelf for children after all, the space requirement grows quickly, especially at a young age. For the perfect Bookcase for sale this is the perfect option now.

Another tip: do you own a lot of illustrated books? Some of them are oversized take measurements to be on the safe side and compare this with the shelf depth.

Black, White or Wood Tones: Which Color For the Shelf?

Four colors in particular have established themselves in bookcases for living rooms: white, black and light and dark wood tones. Metal bookcases are rather rare and are mainly used in the office environment. In some cases, the furnishings already specify a certain surface for example, if you already have furniture from a certain series from a manufacturer. Are there two or more colors? Then take a look at the characters of the different tones.

Minimalist white remains discreetly in the background and is therefore the most popular color for bookshelves. It literally merges with white and light walls and makes the room appear larger. This is a decisive advantage if, for example, the bookshelf is in the children’s room or in a smaller living room.

Black or dark gray shelves for books look classy an effect that is based on the fact that colored book spines stand out optically through the contrast. In front of a white wall, it works well with facilities that are strictly black and white. Otherwise, a muted wall color is recommended such as rich beige.

Light wood impresses with its natural and light look. Models made of solid wood with decorative millings fit wonderfully into furnishings in a modern country house style. Completely straightforward variants are great for bringing more warmth into a modern interior.

Dark woods have a valuable and warm look. For this reason, too, puristic furniture in dark wood tones has been on the rise in modern facilities in recent years. Dark wood comes into its own in front of walls in a soft, creamy white.

By the way: for owners of antiquarian books or those who don’t like cleaning, a bookshelf with doors that protect the works from dust is a welcome option.

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