Characteristics Of High-Quality Cabinets

Planning your home décor? Furnishing or refurbishing your kitchen? Kitchen cabinets are the first thing that you must consider. Kitchen cabinets are not an insignificant piece in your kitchen rather are very vital to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space. A kitchen without stellar cabinets; just isn’t complete. 

Since kitchen is the most important room of your house you need to make sure that the things you install in it are of superior quality. Kitchen is not something you will keep refurbishing from time to time. In most cases, people just furnish their kitchen once and then live with the same for years. This is why there are certain aspects you need to consider when installing cabinets for the first time or refurbishing even. 

Below are mentioned 4 characteristics of high-quality cabinets:

1] Plywood Construction 

It has been widely believed that the most sturdy and long-lasting cabinets are fabricated with plywood as their major component. When multiple layers of wood running both crosswise and lengthwise are put together, the durability just can’t be questioned!  Plywood renders strength to the structure of kitchen cabinets, which can then easily support the weight of countertops, heavy dishes and other utensils. Plywood also is easy to install and transport and seldom does face severe damages. 

2] Full-Height Back Panel  

The easiest trick to identify a superior-quality cabinet from a lower-quality one is observing the length of the back panel. Robust cabinets make use of (3/8-inch or more), full-plywood, full-back panel. The back panel not only influences the ease of installation but also the durability. 

3] Soft-close Hinges

Hinges are an essential component of cabinets as without them you cannot smoothly open the cabinet doors. Inferior hinges can greatly impact the doors’ stiffness, evenness and make it difficult to open and close the doors.  Soft-close hinges which feature movement in 6 ways are the ideal kind of hinge. These can be adjusted according to the seasonal contractions and expansions of doors. 

4] Good Interiors

Solely aesthetic design of a kitchen cabinet is never enough. The interiors have to be such that they provide maximum functionality. The shelves and drawers should be non-porous, tough to withstand damage and easy to clean. 

The above-mentioned pointers are a few attributes associated with cabinets of good-quality. The Cuisines Rosemere kitchen cabinets are a good example of the same. 

Let this serve as your checklist when you step out to buy your perfect kitchen cabinets!

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