6 Fresh Ideas to Include in Your Toilet Renovation Plans

It is incredible how drastically changing the look of a bathroom can change the atmosphere of the rest of a house. Even though bathrooms are typically much smaller in size compared to the other rooms in a house, a complete renovation in Singapore or even just a simple face-lift can make a significant difference in the overall feel of the space.

Utilise the following toilet renovation ideas as a guide in building a place that is both useful and appealing and that you can enjoy for many years to come. Suppose you are ready to remove old tiling, fixtures, or paint colour. In that case, you should utilise these ideas.

1. A Walk-In Shower

If planning a complete bathroom remodel, you might want to consider installing a roomy walk-in shower. In addition to having a more user-friendly layout, walk-in showers are typically simpler to clean and can be installed in either a large or a small bathroom with equal success. The use of walk-in showers may make a bathroom appear larger, and they are also an important component of many modern and contemporary design aesthetics.

2. Tiles that Grab Your Attention

A common error to avoid while remodelling a bathroom is selecting the incorrect tile. Choosing an option that is too unremarkable might result in disappointment in the future. Instead, why not add a splash of colour or creative flare to your bathroom by selecting an appealing, eye-catching tile that can help form the basis for your bathroom’s decor? You may do one of these things by picking the right tile.

3. Make a Statement with the Bathtub

Consider removing an old bathtub attached to the wall in your bathroom and replacing it with a modern freestanding tub when designing your new bathroom. Adding to the visual attractiveness of your room while also providing the ideal setting to unwind and rest at the end of a long and difficult day is possible by purchasing a spacious and luxurious bathtub.

4. Music Playing Equipment

Including a sound system in the designs for your bathroom renovation will assist you in creating the very best environment for relaxation in your home. As seen in the image above, you can catch up on your favourite shows or watch a movie as you soak in the tub if you configure your home theatre system to include an integrated television.

5. A Spot for Greeneries

Your bathroom design plans should include allocating some places for potted plants. Toxins in the air may be removed by plants, resulting in a healthier and cleaner environment in your bathroom. In addition, the high degree of humidity that may be found in a bathroom can be the perfect environment for a plant to flourish. Lucky bamboo, philodendrons, ferns, and many other types of plants may survive in environments with no access to natural light. If you are concerned about bringing plants to a bathroom that does not have a window, read on.

6. Lighting to Set the Mood

Consider installing some dimmable light fixtures in the bathroom if you intend on renovating the space in any way, whether it is a large or small project. Installing a dimmer switch will enable you to adjust the brightness of the lights to accommodate activities such as getting ready or applying cosmetics, as well as to reduce the brightness of the lights so that you may take a bath in peace and quiet.


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