4 Great Pergola Design Ideas for Your Australian Garden

What was once known as a patio roof is now commonly called a pergola: it gives shelter from sun, rain and wind as it extends the living space of your home. Pergolas consist of a major architectural structure, rafters, beams and posts. It can be attached or unmoved to a house.

Dinner area outside

A pergola can be a great addition to a garden and the perfect place to socialize. Add a table, fairy lights, and plan for a small pantry space and you are good to go.

Tree Canopy Shelter Backyard

In a Midwest backyard, a pergola shades the natural stone and the outdoor would be a great idea. A pine tree canopy also protects the cooking and dining area. The outdoor kitchen and the bar have a cooking area and a dimmable pendulum. This relaxing area is ideal for entertainment.

Great furniture

If you have chosen a super timber pergolas Melbourne as a budget-friendly option, your pergola can’t be the place to party! Enhance with bold and soft furnishings and run colorful pops from top to bottom with colored fairy lights and more. SD Built is carpenter professionals who are proud of the quality and durability of each project they undertake. They help you to build a living area in the luxury resort style or a simple independent structure.


Mixing of natural materials

For a pergola idea that fuses into the garden, choose a roof made of natural materials. You can take reed displays from your DIY shops and just secure them between your pergola structure beams.


Depending on where you live, it can be a vital detail to protect you from the elements with a pergola in your backyard. Where you place your pergola can also affect your choice of material.

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