Plantation shutters 101: All you need to know about Plantation Shutters

Which window can design beautify the room? What type of curtains will suit you the best? And where should I locate my windows to get the most?

Well, your mind is popping up such questions, then you might not be knowing about shutters for sure.


You might have heard about the shutters at some part of your life. And the chances are that even your windows have a shutter fitted in them. So, what does that actually means?

In very short and very simple words, a shutter is usually a metal or sometimes even a wooden cover that is fixed outside the windows of a room, and that can be closed or opened.

You can also relate this to any ordinary store’s shutter that slides down from the top to the bottom of the shop window (entrance in this case). So, it can be said that a window shutter is a solid window covering.

Shutters replace those outdated and traditional types of blinds as well as curtains. And guess what? They are used for the last few years for more than one reason. For instance, shutters provide safety, security and protect privacy just like any curtain.

More or less, they also provide protection from adverse climatic conditions and extreme heat ways, sunrays entering in your room.

Now there are multiple types of shutters available in the market. However, the most popular and demanded one is none other than plantation shutter.

What is Plantation Shutter?

Plantation shutter is categorized because of their slightly tilted wooden slats or louvers. That is why plantation shutters are commonly misunderstood with blinds or slats. Far from the blinds, the plantation shutter fits the window frame. It can be opened out just like a two-sided door.

Whereas on the other hand, any ordinary shutter has a pull-string to roll back up.

This shutter is available in a huge variety, depending upon its type. Have a look at some of them…

  • Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl Plantation Shutters is some of the most affordable and cost-effective types of plantation shutter available in the market. Some of the vinyl ones come with a PVC or aluminum support for better stability.

Vinyl plantation shutters are often considered a good choice if you are looking for a strong and durable shutter that will last long.

  • Wooden Plantation Shutters

Nothing can get better if you have a wooden plantation shutter that gives your room a vintage look. And as the name itself suggests, these plantation shutters are made with wood.

Suppose you want a more stylish window covering. The wooden plantation is indeed the best option available.

  • Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite plantation blinds (most of the time also known as faux wood shutters) MDF or medium density fibreboards. Believe it or not, but these plantation shutters are extremely tough, sturdy, and weather-resistant.

Bottom lines

Before buying plantation shutters, know your needs and room layout, color theme, etc., in order to get the best matching look possible. However, you can also customize these shutters according to your requirements.

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