How To Fix a Running Toilet

Have you ever encountered the dreadful situation of a running toilet? It can be a nightmare if you are faced with such a problem in the middle of the night or on weekends. In such a case you will need to call the toilet plumbing El Cajon. But it can be difficult to get hold of them during odd hours or weekends. If you know how to fix a running toilet then you can save money and solve the matter quickly as well. Here is a simple guide for fixing a running toilet.

Turn off the water

Before starting to fix the problem make sure that the water is turned off. All you need to do is turn the knob that is on the wall close to the toilet. Turn it clockwise to close the valve.

Remove the tank lid

Once you have ensured that the water is turned off, remove the lid of the tank to see what the problem is. You must remember that the lid is fragile, so you have to handle it with care. All the parts that control the water are inside the tank which includes the flush valve, fill valve and other things.

Check the flapper

You must first check the flapper. Usually, running toilet is caused due to a faulty flapper. If it is not sealed properly then it can lead to running the toilet. To check this you should press the edges of the flapper with your fingers. If you notice that the toilet has stopped running then you know that it’s because of the faulty flapper. You must take a picture of the flapper so that you can replace it properly.

Look at the fill valve

Fill valves can get damaged causing running toilets. Dirt and mineral scale deposits can damage the valve. You can flush the valve to fix the problem. If necessary, you can install a replacement fill valve.

If you cannot fix the problem even after trying you must call toilet plumbing El Cajon to fix it. Emergency toilet plumbing El Cajon can be expensive so you can wait till the next day to call in a regular plumber. In the meantime, you can use another toilet till the problem is fixed. Running a toilet can be very troublesome for the whole family and it needs to be fixed immediately. So, call toilet plumbing El Cajon if you are experiencing running toilets.

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