DIY Roofing or Professional Roofing contractors

Wondering if DIY roof installation is the way to go? Whether you’re handy with tools or not, this article will help guide your decision. To make it easier for you to decide, we have put together a guide that compares pros and cons of both options: professional installation vs doing it yourself while having residential roofing contractor vancouver wa.


Homeowners can save money by doing it themselves. When you do roof work on your own, you have the freedom to choose where and how much of a budget cut is necessary for quick construction without compromising quality. You can even ask for a Free Roofing Service Estimate san diego ca.

On the other hand, if homeowners want to hire help from professionals like roofing contractors flint mi, they may end up paying more because contractors set their prices based on labor costs rather than material cost; additionally, most professional roofs are made out of only specific types of materials which might not be preferred by some clients


People who work on shingle roofs fairhope al are at risk for many injuries. Even professionals with years of experience can have an accident if they don’t take safety precautions and harnesses while working, which most workers will not use even though it is highly recommended to do so by their employers or occupational health & safety organizations such as the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

However, someone who is inexperienced and is on a DIY mission can only be a gust of wind could be all that’s needed to knock them off a roof in certain conditions; therefore, one should always keep away from open sides where there isn’t adequate support underneath them and look up for professional work from residential roofing Madison County KY.

Labor Intensive:

Even in the best of conditions, it can be a tiring task to install new shingles. You stand on your feet and need manual dexterity for hours while climbing up ladders or roofs. If you are working during winter seasons that is even more exhausting as temperatures dip severely below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if you have experience installing new roofing shingles, at times thick snowfall makes progress extremely difficult due to slippery surfaces and freezing hands/feet. So a professional shingle roof repair columbia sc  can do it better as it requires constant exertion required by this labor intensive job.


Cadillac Roofing offers an extensive workmanship guarantee, under which they fix any problems arising out of poor workmanship at no cost to you. Professional service comes with a warranty that protects your investment from defects on the job-site guarantee for professional roofing contractor services cherry hill nj.

However, with you working on your roof is far away from any warranties and can fall off anytime.

Property Insurance:

When installing a roof, even the tiniest of mistakes could result in property damage. You might accidentally damage your lawn and shrubbery by carelessly tossing shingles around; you could drop a shingle onto your siding, fence, stairs or deck and end up damaging it inadvertently.

However, Cadillac roofing and its professional contractors take some precautionary measures to avoid such damages during installation. They use Equipter RB4000 which eliminates this risk altogether and safeguards your property.

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